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Building Renovation Information

Below are descriptions of building renovations and changes that would occur at each Shaker School should the bond issue and levy pass in the November 2023 election. 


Ludlow (under construction 2024-2025)


  • GDP Group has been engaged to design necessary renovations to turn Ludlow into the district’s pre-k center

  • Plans call for district administrative leadership to relocate to the second floor of Ludlow, based on the assumption that the space currently occupied by the administration building will be utilized during the proposed Woodbury renovation and expansion

  • The Ludlow building will open in Fall 2025

Woodbury (under construction 2025-2027)


  • An architect and design team will be hired by mid-2024

  • Renovation and construction will start by Fall 2025

  • Woodbury will include a competition-sized pool serving grades 6-12 and the public community

  • The project will take two years to complete

  • The building will be open to grades 6-8 as the district’s middle years building in the fall of 2027


Elementary Schools (under construction 2027-2031)

  • Boulevard, Lomond, Mercer, and Onaway will go under construction in two parts.

  • The current middle school (formerly Byron) will be used as a swing space during renovations and construction through spring 2031

  • Two schools will undergo renovations and construction from 2027-2029

  • The other two schools will undergo renovations and construction from 2029-2031

  • Renovations at each building will include:

    • ADA upgrades

    • Air conditioning

    • Improved air handling and filtration

    • Upgraded electrical supply and more electrical outlets to support needed technology improvements

    • Improved lighting with sensors and classroom control

    • Security vestibules and other security enhancements

    • Flexible furniture to support collaborative work by students

    • Additional collaborative spaces where possible

    • Design lab space

    • Other enhancements

  • The order in which our elementary schools will be renovated is TBD.

Fernway (construction timeline TBD)


  • Construction of two additional classrooms to accommodate the addition of grade 5 to the building

High School (Phase 2)


  • Shaker Heights High School will not be significantly impacted by Phase 1 of the facilities plan, though it will need to continue to be maintained as plans are developed. Plans are underway for security upgrades.

Other Changes

  • Funding is included to demolish the current middle school building. However, the district will stay in conversation with the city and the community if another use for all or part of the building is identified. 

    • Deconstruction would occur after spring of 2031.​

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