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About bond issue for Shaker Schools

Creation of the plan was guided by four basic principles:

1. Provide our students and staff modern, safe and comfortable learning and teaching environments.

2. Improve educational experiences by creating collaborative and flexible spaces.

3. Reduce the number of building transitions student experience. 

4. Provide increased safety and security for our students and staff. 

​For archived information regarding the long-term master facilities planning process, please visit the Long-Term Facilities Planning page.

The creation of the district's long-term facilities plan is part of the Forward Together initiative which brought together Shaker Heights' three taxing entities -- the Shaker Heights City School District, the City of Shaker Heights and the Shaker Heights Public Library -- to develop a shared vision for facilities that meet the needs of the entire community. 


The Forward Together initiative continues to provide opportunities for community engagement and dialogue that directly inform the district’s development of a Long-Term Master Facilities Plan.


About the Committee

Committee for Shaker Schools is the grassroots, citizen-based campaign organization that works to help pass Shaker Heights City School District levies and bond issues. The committee's primary mission is to inform voters about upcoming school levies and bond issues and to direct efforts toward ensuring their passage.


Ongoing Public School Support

As a permanent political organization, we are a unique voice for encouraging support for local levy funding of our Shaker Heights City School District. Our continued existence demonstrates the commitment of citizens who care about our public schools and are dedicated to providing information to Shaker Heights voters when considering  ballot measures.



Committee for Shaker Schools receives its funding from private donors in the community who are concerned with the quality and success of Shaker Heights City Schools.

Committee Members

Susan Armstrong (Mercer)

Joanie Berger, '86 (Malvern)

Alison Bibb-Carson, '95 (Fernway)

Anne Borchert (Boulevard)

Lora Cover (Malvern)

Vicki Elder (Moreland)

Ramona Lowery (Ludlow)

Anita Miller (Lomond)

Christine Wolken (Malvern)

Special Thanks

Faith Boone

Danielle Eisenberg

Sarah Gartman

Mark Goode

Amy Schroyer

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