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Why is the Building Shaker Schools Bond Issue on the November 2023 ballot?

Strategic Objective 3.4 of the District’s Five-Year Strategic Plan calls for the creation of a long-term facilities plan that supports educational equity, addresses the district’s needs and supports student learning. 
The vision is for all Shaker Heights children to attend school in buildings that are modern, safe and inclusive; support academic excellence; are diverse, integrated and welcoming; promote community; and allow the district to remain fiscally responsible. 
Students learn better in a safe and comfortable environment. The priorities the district has for our students are the drivers of the long-term facilities planning. These priorities are:

  • Inclusive Excellence

  • Social and emotional health

  • Supports for students with disabilities

  • Common, collaborative learning spaces

  • Technology access


Segment 1 of the plan proposes the following:

  • Renovate and expand Woodbury as a middle years building (grades 6-8)

  • Renovate Boulevard, Lomond, Mercer and Onaway elementary schools and convert them to include grade 5

  • Build an addition to the restored Fernway Elementary School, which was extensively renovated after a July 2018 fire

  • Renovate the former Ludlow Elementary School to accommodate an expanded Pre-K program

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