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Vote FOR Issue 13

Our community wants the best for our Shaker students.

Watch and listen to the stories below to hear how our schools can be elevated with the passing of Issue 13. 

PreK Possibilities

Modernizing Our Schools

Onaway Elementary School Principal Dora Bechtel discussing the importance of PreK education and the program offered through Shaker Schools. If Issue 13 passes, the PreK program will be expanded.

Mercer Elementary School Administrative Intern Carmen Chung discussing the need for diverse and open spaces for Shaker students. If Issue 13 passes, renovations will provide a number of possibilities for teachers, students, and staff.

Segment 1 of the plan proposes the following:

  • Renovate and expand Woodbury as a middle years building (grades 6-8)

  • Renovate Boulevard, Lomond, Mercer and Onaway elementary schools and convert them to include grade 5

  • Build an addition to the restored Fernway Elementary School, which was extensively renovated after a July 2018 fire

  • Renovate the former Ludlow Elementary School to accommodate an expanded Pre-K program

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