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Issue 13 

Building Shaker Schools Bond Issue

What you'll find here...

Updates on the vision for the planned upgrades to Shaker Schools
Our environmental goals for the future of Shaker Schools


  • 4,545 students educated across the district

  • Close to 40% of Shaker teachers live in Shaker

  • 1 of only 8 Public School Districts to adopt IB from K-12

  • Unique K-4 experiences including Onaway Little Theater, Mercer Market, Boulevard Around the World, Lomond El Sistema, and Fernway Design Lab

  • All K-4 students study Spanish

  • 300 students in the marching band - one of the largest in the country (even larger than OSU)

  • All 8th graders take Algebra I (typically for 9th graders)

  • 30 AP classes offered at High School

  • 75% of students go to 4-yr College; 7% to 2-yr colleges

  • 2.7% of students go into military service; 7% into workforce

  • Shaker regularly sends students to Ivy League Institutions, plus many elite colleges and universities.

  • Top 5 National Merit Semi-finalists in the State of Ohio

Listen to the Podcast!

Click below to listen to the 5-part series exploring the issues associated with Issue 13!

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Hear from City of Shaker Heights Mayor David Weiss

Mayor Weiss explains why he supports the Facilities Plan, and why he is urging residents to do the same.

“The approval of the master facilities a culmination of years of work and countless hours of research and thoughtful discussion. I am excited about the plan proposed and approved and am confident that the future of education in Shaker Heights is brighter than ever. I want to thank the members of the Board for their diligence and hard work, and I want to thank the Shaker community for its commitment and participation in this process.”


David Glasner, Ph.D.
Superintendent, Shaker Heights Schools

The Vision

The future of Shaker Schools includes an expansion of the district’s current Pre-K program with the goal of ensuring that all Shaker Heights students have access to a high quality preschool education. 

Includes renovating Ludlow Elementary School to accommodate an expanded Pre-K program; renovating and expanding Woodbury as a middle years building (Grades 6-8); renovating Boulevard, Lomond, Mercer and Onaway Elementary Schools and converting them to include Grade 5; building an addition to Fernway to accommodate Grade 5.

This will be a future ballot issue and will address the future of the Shaker Heights High School building.

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